Tuesday, March 31, 2020

An Update: The 411


Just popping in to say hi and that I see light at the end of the tunnel. I'm slowly pulling out of the funk I've been in! This whole skin cancer + quarantine thing just really sucked the air out of me for a while. From the time when the quarantine first went down, to the last couple of days, I've struggled with having any kind of motivation, attention span, or concentration. I 'wanted' to do things, but then I just couldn't focus. I was really confused. Like WHY DO I FEEL THIS WAY, MAKE IT STOP!

But THEN! Then I happened onto this gem by Rachel Marie Martin from Finding Joy

"Right now it feels like this: get up, get through the day, go to sleep. I think it's because every single thing is in flux so my brain doesn't know where to rest."

So much YES! THAT! That is exactly how my brain has felt. Hub and son home all day, when will the school figure out what to do about online stuff, should I send my purchase orders or not, will anyone be there to accept them, we need groceries, will there be any at the store? People ordered pins, but should I mail them or wait? We are only supposed to go out if we're on *essential* business. 

I just didn't know how to articulate it. But that is exactly what was happening in my brain. It felt sort of deer-in-headlights-ish. Here's the link to her facebook post that contained these wise words.

As the weeks go by, I can feel my regular self and energy coming back. This thing is touching everyone somehow. My parents' friend is in the hospital on a vent, another mom that I know from when my son was in preschool lost an aunt, and in our northern California county, it is now a misdemeanor to be out and about for anything other than food/meds or *essential* business. So we are hanging at home as much as possible with occasional bike rides around our circle. I can mail your pins, though, if you order them through etsy. I've got a system now. There is a blue mailbox in our neighborhood pretty close by, that I can drop them at, without venturing to the post office, after doing the postage and labels through etsy.

I just wanted to pop in for an update. I'll be back very soon! Oh, and I was going to link this back in the last post, but I'll link it here, too.

Look at what Bianca, from Thanks I Made Them, made with Sew Chatty for the last Friday of the release blog hop on the Riley Blake website. It's a whole sewing room suite! I love love love it!

Here's a photo from her Instagram post, @thanksimadethem.

Thanks for dropping in for the update!

See you soon!

Be safe, healthy and Happy Stitching!



sunny said...

Taking it one day at a time!

hang in there Kelli... you are not alone. strange feelings going on every where.

Jean said...

I hope you get your mojo back soon!! You are certainly not alone in how you feel. Stay healthy!

It's a crazy, crazy time, isn't it? When this is all over we will hopefully be so thankful for everything that we took for granted a few weeks ago, like going outside to do whatever we wish. Our son's school has started required online schooling this week, after a few weeks of "non-required"activities. I think they are realizing that actual school may not be back in session at all again this school year and so they are making the best of it.
This will eventually pass and I'm trying to just go with the flow, sewing sweet little projects to keep me sane, and keeping in touch with others via Instagram and facebook ;)

thanks for being willing to share today. continued prayers for you.

Unknown said...

Kelli: We just have to get to the other side - and there is a "other side!" I think the world will not be the same as it was on that side. I am trying not to be fearful for the future like I am for the present. Keep creating. You are an amazing woman and artist! Hugs, Pat Roche

Kathleen said...

So happy to hear you are doing well! You have really been through a lot. Love that chatty fabric and that sewing suite is fantastic! It must make you so happy seeing what people are doing with your fabric line. Take care
kakingsbury at verizon dot net

Patti said...

I know what you talking about. Sadness is every where. Take care and try to find something to smile about everyday.

I think a lot of us are struggling to settle to anything at the moment, probably because of the stress and hyper vigilance associated with lockdown, etc. I’m finding that tasks which can be done in small bites and having a couple of them on the go are helping. Take care and stay safe xxx

Glad you are getting your mojo back. I'm still trying to find a quilt shop that has your fabric.

Sending you love. Thanks for sharing those quarantined words of mine....I appreciate you.

from FindingJoy.net

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