Sunday, February 14, 2021

Update: On My Way Back!

Hi everyone! Or anyone? Is anyone still there? What a crazy time of life it's been for the last year or so. I hope all of you have stayed safe and healthy. I just wanted to pop in and give a quick update and say I'll be back very very soon. 

I've had such a hard time feeling creative, or in any way social, the last couple of months, and eventually just gave up trying to force it -- sometimes when life gets a little too heavy and you find you can't carry ALL the things, you have to set some things down for a bit. So I put this on pause, along with my social media, and tried to just focus on getting pattern orders out. While all of the below stuff was/is happening:

A couple of months ago, I got news that several people I know, and some extended family members had c-19. Some of them weren't doing well at all. In fact, one dear family friend recently passed away after a weeks long battle in the hospital. Another friend, who was my exact same age, also passed away from it. It's just been kind of a sad time. 

Along with that, my bff that had ovarian cancer surgery last summer is still having complications and unexplained symptoms which is heavy on my heart. 

All of this while the big move this summer inches closer, and we are trying to figure out the logistics etc. of getting our household from CA to MO. I've been slowly going through stuff when I can, and making trips to goodwill.

But I can feel the fog lifting and it finally feels like the funk I've been in is starting to disappear. 

So I'll be back soon with an eye-rolling bear. An eye-rolling, heavy-sigh-heaving bear. Seems appropriate. haha! What better mascot for 2020/2021 than a bear that's just HAD IT. :D It's for National Black Bear Day.

Oh great! I was going to share a preview photo but now google is not letting me access my computer's photos, blogger photos or my OneDrive photos. *more eyerolling bears needed*.

Let me know how you're doing! I hope you're all well. I'll try to get the bear all diced up and posted in the next couple of days. And try to solve this computer/google issue. 

Oh! I fixed it. A simple sign out and sign back in fixed it. Whew! Here's a preview of my new favorite eye-rolling animal! :)

See you soon. Thanks for listening!




Hey friend! It's nice to see a post. I'm sorry about all the things you are dealing with. You've been in my prayers. Your bear is adorably done. :)
This is AmyJoDubya btw. I haven't used my blogger account for ages.

Jean said...

It has been a very hard year, but it sounds like you got an extra helping of hard. I am happy you are starting to see some sunshine again. Hang in there. You and your creativity are greatly appreciated.💕

Kathleen said...

Kelli I am so sorry to hear of all of your trials. So looking forward 0to you being back. Been working on blocks just haven't posted and for a while.

Yes, we're still here. I was wondering about you. The bear is cute. Moving is very stressful. So many things to get done. I hope it goes smoothly. I'll be in Missouri in late June (TOGA time).


Hang in there. It's a hard time for everyone. Don't be afraid of taking breaks and pauses as needed to recharge your creativity.

But, also, don't underestimate the impact that you've had with this blog and your many tutorials and sew along, etc. You can be proud of that!

Have a great 2021!!!

Ray said...

Hang in there. You are not alone. Just put one foot in front of the other. Slowly but surely, progress will be made.

kvanatta said...

oh Kelli! I am so glad to hear from you! My heart aches for all you are going through! Thanks for checking in - and I'm glad you can see a glimmer of spring sunlight... Sending BIG CYBER-HUGS from VA.... ~~ Kay V :-)

Jane said...

I hope things improve for you and all of us. I so enjoy your designs. They are always make me smile. Your are so talented. I’ve been finding all kinds of ufos. Lol from so long ago I forgot what I was making. This is the year of get these made! Even if I don’t like them anymore. Take care I will keep you in my thoughts. We need to hang in and together we will get through. You take care. Jane

Unknown said...

Hope your feeling better. I know life really stinks sometimes. But as they say, it will get better. Time is a great healer. Take care of yourself

Unknown said...

WOW!! You have had a lot on your plate! Glad you took a break to take care of you! Still here for you awaiting your return when you are ready. The break gave us time to get caught up on some sewing, so thank you! Hope your relocation goes well, always difficult to sort and share our loved items that may benefit someone else after a period of time. Hang in there!

Patti said...

Hey not to worry we are all still here waiting for you life to slow down. I am truly sorry to hear of all the sadness in you life with all of your friends. I hope the sun comes through for you soon and brightens your life and that of your loved ones. Hope you V-day was nice also.

I love that bear. I think it would look great enlarged as a quilt.

Lori said...

Hi Kelli, I am glad that you are still safe and healthy. I totally understand about the "funk" I have been there also and feel like I am finally starting to get a handle on it and climbing out of the pit. We can do this. I am so sorry for your loss's. I do hope your friend gets better soon. Oh but this bear is just adorable. Prayers for your move. I know for me sometimes, if I can concentrate on something that is important and needs to be done, for a while I am good. Blessings and prayers

So glad you are feeling better. It is really tough these days.

Unknown said...

Hang in there! The sun will be out tomorrow.

Jolie said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. Glad to hear the fog is lifting! We had a great Valentine's Day/Weekend. I had a zoom meeting with my quilt guild. Baked goodies for Valentine's day and made a chicken soup to keep warm and cozy.
Wishing you a cozy, lighter heart and organizing few weeks in the blast of February winter freeze there in the mid west. Looking forward to the Bear!

mh said...

I love your content, Kelli. I'm also glad you took some time to just be with everything that is happening. I've done the same and it really does a soul good! Looking forward to meeting Mr. Bear.

margaret said...

Prayers for you and the year you have survived. You are surviving and now back to living.

works4me said...

Good to have you back. I know what you mean about not feeling like being crafty, or anything else.

I am so sorry for your losses.

That bear is adorable. He will be lot of fun.

Take care.

MissPat said...

Kelli, you are certainly not alone in dealing with a creative drought and general malaise. For every quilter who went into overdrive and produced tons of stuff, there are probably 2 or 3 who found it difficult to cope with life, let alone produce anything. We're just a month shy of living this way for a whole year. And I for one, don't see it changing for many more months.
I didn't know you were moving. That, in itself, is enough to drive one crazy, so cut yourself some slack and come back when it feels right.
And my condolences on the loss of your friend and medical setbacks for your bff.

YAY, you're alive & sort of well! Life has definitely been different & difficult. My thoughts/prayers are with you in all you have been dealing with. So HAPPY to have read your recent post. I did check often & missed hearing from you. Glad you are back & your creative juices are flowing.

That bear is terrific! Take care *sends an enormous hug*

Angie said...

Hey Kelli, it sure has been a rough few months. It seems like time just stopped when all the covid19 started in the USA. It's like I've been holding my breath. And now the winter and COLD (I live in Western NC.). It is very difficult to be creative. I have such a time just focusing. I hope things start looking up for you and I hope going thru things & moving goes well. If you have any extra fabric, I'd give it a good home and love it lots. I love sewing and quilting. I taught myself a couple years ago by reading a lot. And watching some videos. It's been difficult to get supplies the last year though. Thanks for the update. Have a great evening. 🌻

CA Bobbie said...

Bobbie here, I have been in a funk as well. Just couldn't get any desire to do anything except try to stay safe from C-19. I had 2 family members pass in Jan. Hard to process. I have had the 1st dose of vaccine and am feeling as if I can see a llight in the distance. Still not brave enough to try crowds, restaurants , or social gatherings. But am hopeful for life to resume . I at least have my machine uncovered and oiled and warmed up!! Wish you success on your clearing of things and your move.

susan kg said...

Super excited to see you are back. Hope to see more later. Thank you. Susan

KarenLT said...

Kelli - So very sorry for the life dumping you have been in. Loosing family and friends is never easy. I have been missing your notes and squares. Glad you found your 'paws' button and very glad you
have enabled your reset button. Happy to 'see' and 'hear' from you.

Dear Kelli
It has been a sad and horrible 2020, and the new year is pretty depressing too.
You are not alone. We are all suffering, and traumatized by so many events that have been tragic. I am so sorry for your losses
And your friend with ovarian cancer. I hate cancer. I will certainly be praying fervently for your friend.
We have all accepted the reality that we must not push ourselves too hard. Yes we have become lazy and soggy, but mentally we are exhausted.
Let's try to switch that. I am. Less pressure, and more zippy fun.
Love always

Its good to hear from you! Sending big thoughts of encouragement! I have made many visits to your blog in the past year, in a big way you have been my motivation. Stay well and thank you!

Dorothy said...

Sounds like you've had it worse than most of us. Sorry for your losses. S
Truly can't imagine the pain. My "fog" has me sleeping on the couch and "watching" TV for hours on end. And I think we all need your eye rolling bear I know I do :-)

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