Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Garfield the Cat Quilt Block Video Tutorial, Full Pattern & a Share!

Hiho! :) I wanted to pop in and share some Garfield the Cat block news- his video, what someone did with him on Instagram.. AND his lap quilt design! 

First, I had loads of fun turning him into a jingly video *here*.. I'll try to embed it here, too.

I also wanted to show you what Bea made. This is what she posted over on Instagram. She grew up loving Garfield. This is her Instagram if you would like to follow her: @quilt_bea I love the bag she made! It's soo cute! Well the link to her account appears to not be working! Hmm... Maybe her account is private. Well, if you'd like to follow Bea, that is her IG handle, just head over and look her up! I wish this link would work!

Isn't her bag great?? I grew up loving Garfield, too! My uncle who is a wood crafter, and my aunt who is a painter made me this bank when I was younger. I've always loved it. They're both so talented! This block has brought back some great memories.

Finally, I had some questions about, and requests for a larger pattern for the Garfield design so I drew up a lap size! I'm working on a few new patterns right now, but this one should be available soon as it's not too complicated and the Garfield design is already done. That was the longest and hardest part! Except for the kitty prints. Be on the lookout for Cattitude, coming soon. :)

I'll be back soon with a block tutorial. So far, the sunglasses have edged out Viktor Krum.. (If you didn't vote and would like to, see my previous post.) Happy Wednesday & Happy Stitching!



Norma said...

I love Garfield. Thanks for the instruction video. The music was great, so Garfield-ish.

Patti said...

WOW What a cute bank I can see why you love it, how thoughtful of him to make it for you. While I don't remember much about being a Garfield fan I do know a little one that would love something made with it. So again as I have said many times I love you patterns, as one who does NOT PP, I love cutting and making things with simple blocks. Keep up the good work!

I thought Garfield the block was cute until I saw him on a bad and then as a quilt - fantastic!! (The link to Quilt Bea is working x)

Bea said...

Aww! Thank you! My IG (quilt_bea) is open to public. Glad to see that the link is actually working. Thank you for your kind words. Love the bank. So cute! Looking forward to the quilt size! ��

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