Friday, January 7, 2022

Newfoundland Dog Quilt Block Tutorial for National Dog Day

Hello and welcome! Today I'm posting block #114 of 144 that I need for my National Days scrap quilt project / king size quilt. You guys.. today's block is for National Dog Day so I had to draw my FAVORITE DOG BREED! I'm super happy with how it turned out! I hope you like it, too. :)

In case you can't tell, in which case I totally understand, he's a Newfoundland. We lost our Newfie, Buster, a few years ago.

Faithful kitchen helper, backyard BBQ supervisor and general door block..

All around good friend and hand holder..

He was one of a kind! *swoon* Newfies shed, drool, track in mud, snore, LOVE cold weather and can be stubborn, but are also one of the most loving, loyal, and smart breeds. So smart. I'm ready for our next Newfie to find us, but my hub wants to wait til we move next summer and get settled first. So for now, I live vicariously thru Jen @ My Brown Newfies. If you want to learn about the breed, she's your girl! She currently has Odin, a rescue..

Lou, a puppy..

..and Finn the Corgi. 

Following these guys on IG gave me life when I was in the hospital for so long this summer. 

All the good dog endorphins! 💓

So when I sat down to draw a dog block, I didn't want to do just a face or head, since that's what I did for the National Puppy Day block

So I started drawing a silhouette. It turned out looking like a Schnauzer to me kind of, but also looked like that one Scotty shaped dog block that you see a lot.

Except I had put a heart on it.. but still, I wasn't super happy with it and wanted something more original and specific to our family. So as I sat down to write this post, I decided to go back and attempt to tweak the block into a Newfie! What do you think?

He's got the boxy head, the jowls, the big chest and the hairy fan-like tail that can clear a side table faster than a swiffer. (I know from experience!) And he had to have the heart. I love him. 💓💓💓  

So here's how this great big dog goes together in a little 8" quilt block. Wait! First I'm dying to show you the quilt mockup. I wanted to know how they would translate in a group.

Ahhhh!! I like it a lot! Okay! Here's how it works..

Fabric A - Background
(2) 1 1/4" sq. (+)
(1) 1 1/2" sq. (*)
(1) 1 1/2 x 3 1/4"
(1) 1 1/2 x 4"
(1) 2" sq.
(1) 2 x 2 1/4"
(1) 2 x 2 1/2"
(1) 2 x 2 3/4"
(1) 2 1/2 x 3 3/4"
(1) 4 x 4 1/4"

Fabric B - Dog
(2) 1" (~)
(1) 1 x 1 1/4" (=)
(1) 1 x 2"
(1) 1 x 2 1/2" (>>)
(2) 1 1/4" sq. (+)
(1) 1 1/2" sq. (*)
(1) 1 1/2 x 2" (#)
(1) 1 1/2 x 2 1/2" (**)
(2) 2" sq.
(1) 2 x 3 3/4"
(1) 2 1/4" sq.
(1) 3 1/2 x 4"

Fabric C - Nose
(1) 1 x 1 1/4" (=)

Fabric D - Heart
(2) 1 1/4 x 2"

--Match the symbol (~,* etc.) in the cutting instructions with the symbol in the assembly diagram.

Using the simple corner flip method illustrated in the video above, and fabrics and sizes indicated on units (in units that have two corner flips be aware of which size goes in which corner if the two smaller squares are different sizes), make the following:

Assemble as shown below, using SCANT quarter inch seams.

You'll have one 8 1/2" Newfoundland dog quilt block. (8" finished in quilt.)

As my Welsh bestie would say, I'm feeling chuffed with this one. :) Missing my Buster, but loving this little tribute to him for my scrap project, and the quilt mockup, too. I need to make a Newfie quilt! 

Thanks for visiting today! I hope you absorbed the good dog endorphins, too! I'll leave you with this trip down memory lane when my son built a little Lego "Buster". I think he was in first or second grade. 

Meet me back here soon for another quilt block tutorial. I'll either do the next on my National Days list, or another extra Harry Potter inspired quilt block. National Bow Tie Day block or Professor Lupin block... 

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!



P.S. I love to see blocks and quilts that are made with any of my patterns. If you make any and post on social media, please come find me in any of the places listed below, and tag me so I can see! :) If you're on YouTube, check out the short musical video tutorials of some of these blocks. I'm hoping they might inspire kids, or anyone really, to learn to sew. :) Plus, they're just fun to do.


I'm keeping all of these blocks organized on the National Days quilt blocks page *HERE*if you're looking for any of the other 90 or so blocks I've posted so far. Getting closer to my goal of 144 blocks! If you know someone who loves MinecraftPokemon, and or Harry Potter, check out these free sew alongs, too! :) And if you're looking for any of my print patterns, or other fun quilty gifts, check out my Etsy shop here. Be back soon!


thank you for another wonderful block. I need to make this into something for my sister in law. She has always had two newfies. They are all rescues. Right now she has two black and white ones. They are the sweetest dogs.

KatieQ said...

Thank you for sharing this sweet block and for sharing the story of your Newfie. I've only seen a few of them in person, but they always strike me as cuddly breed.

Unknown said...

Liked your newfie block, but was wondering if we could move the heart to his chest area? I think if we swap the chest block with the heart/back half of body block and do a corner in lower left corner, it would work. OK if we make that adjustment?

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