Saturday, June 18, 2022

Sewing Machine Quilt Block Tutorial Revamp for AccuQuilt & a few Newsy Things

Hello again! Wow, over a month has zipped by since my last post.. I can't believe it! I have a fun block to share.. since National Sewing Machine Day was the other day. It's 12" revamp of the original National Sewing Machine Day quilt block tutorial that I did for my National Days scrap quilt project. I changed the size, and swapped the heart for a star. AND it can be made using Accuquilt GO cutter and strip dies
As always, it's super scrap friendly, of course!

But first, a few newsy bits.. 

Newsy Bit #1

Last summer, when I landed in the hospital for 32 days, we had planned on moving to the midwest to be closer to my parents.. the truck was coming, we were packed, our house was sold, etc. So all of that had to be halted. The sale of our house went through but we've been renting it back. So this summer we are [partially] moving over there to be closer to them. But now that our son has completed his first year of HS here (started when I was in hospital last August), and adjusted so well, we decided to stay here during the school yr. so he can finish HS with all of the friends he's known since kindergarten, and spend the rest of our time over there. Summers and holidays etc. So .. we've been prepping (AGAIN) for the [partial] move this summer. Which is happening in a week! SEVEN DAYS! Lots of sorting and packing etc. What to take, what to leave here.. It probably sounds very confusing, but this is the plan that works best for us right now, esp. with my older FIL living here. We will just be traveling lots. So the sorting and packing has been keeping us busy! Obligatory proud mom report card pic..

With everything that the last year has thrown at us, I couldn't be prouder of how resilient he has been. 

Newsy Bit #2 

He then came down with "the thing" on the last day of school! the-virus-that-shall-not-be-named.. Then it made its way through the house.. We avoided it for two yrs. but it finally caught up to us. Our cases were fairly mild though. I started having all of us take zinc as soon as my son developed his first symptoms. Up to 50 mg a day. Since zinc inhibits viral replication, I'm sure it helped our cases to stay mild! Luckily I had ordered some just the week before, to take on our upcoming road trip, so I had it on hand. THIS is the one I love in case it might help anyone (but there are lots of different options out there). This is the link to the website but I find it on Amazon. I haven't seen it locally.

Newsy Bit #3 

The puppies are growing so fast! It's hard not to be distracted by them constantly. They're six months old now and so much fun. And good occupational therapy for my hand strength! Chance & Dixie are the new canine loves of my life. lol

Newsy Bit #4

I'm almost done getting all my patterns listed in my own shop here on my website *HERE*! Some more on that next time! For now, let's get on with the tutorial.


AccuQuilt asked me recently to write up the sewing machine quilt block tutorial that I did for my National Days project..

..for their blog, but making it Accuquilt die friendly. 

So I resized it to 12" and changed the heart to a star! Just for some variety. I love it!

This block makes use of:

And of course The GO! Cutter.

You can find the full tutorial on their blog *HERE*.

Scrappy is HAPPY! :)

I won't post the full tutorial here, since I wrote it for their blog, but here is the cliff notes before and after. If you're interested, do go check out the AccuQuilt blog post!

Happy Stitching!! Be back very soon! I think the golfing block is the next National Day block waiting its turn. Makes me think of my dad this Father's Day weekend! 

Thanks for visiting! Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!



kvanatta said...

Thank you for the update! What a crazy whirlwind time you are in right now! HUGS! ~~~Kay V :-)

MissPat said...

Kelli, I believe you give new meaning to the Chinese proverb, "May you live in interesting times"

I love the block and that wonderful report! Good luck with the partial move, I hope you enjoy the summer at your new place and the dogs enjoy getting to know new smells and new dogs x

Darla said...

I love this! Thank you!! Any chance you have AccuQuilt instructions for using the heart instead of the star? I like both but the heart makes my heart happy so want to try that version but using the AccuQuilt cutter/dies

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