Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Cattitude Quilt Pattern

Happy Wednesday!

It's been such a crazy couple of years. After posting the last of the National Days quilt block tutorials, I realized that there are a few new patterns that I never did do a blog post about. So today, I thought I'd share one that I had mentioned doing about a year ago, after having had some requests for a bigger quilt based on the Garfield inspired block tutorial I did for National Garfield Day.

Meet Cattitude:

My friend and stellar pattern tester Amy (@amyjodubya) tested him quite a while ago now and was done in no time! I love how she turned the bottom row of paw prints around to go the other direction! Her hub claimed this one. :) 

It is lap size at 42 x 54", all straight seams, and confident beginner friendly. A fun quick make due to the larger pieces for the cat face! Hope you enjoy him!

You gotta love a cat with an attitude! :)

I've decided to only list Cattitude in my web shop here on my site, as someone over on Etsy made a copyright report on my other kitty pattern called Patchwork Kitty and because of that it was removed. Gr. While that one is inspired by my love for Hello Kitty, it is far from an exact copy, and the strike couldn't have been from Sanrio as there are tons of other Hello Kitty listings there that look exactly like Hello Kitty, with Hello Kitty in the actual name! I thought about fighting it, but it's just not worth it, so I listed it here on my site, and I think I'll do the same with this one, so no one will get their knickers in a twist and file a false report. Felt kind of icky like someone was targeting me. I also get the occasional message from customers that never received their Etsy links after their purchase (frustrating!), something that's supposed to be automatic over there. So I'm just happy to have my own web shop up and running, as well as my Etsy shop. The only thing I haven't figured out with my web shop yet, is the process for listing and shipping physical items. So those are only on Etsy at the moment, (pins, stickers etc.) along with most of my other patterns if you still prefer Etsy. But if you'd like Cattitude or Patchwork Kitty, they are exclusively here on my site for now.

My shop here seems to work really smoothly so far, and it's super easy and quick to auto send the emails with the downloads! I get copied on the emails, too, so I know they've gone out which is nice. I've been really happy with the Ecwid platform.

Anyway, behind the scenes TMI. haha Back to the fun stuff! Quilts and fabric! :) 

There are a few more National Days blocks that are making their way into bigger quilt designs/new patterns, more on that very soon! 

I hope your 2023 is sailing along very happily so far! I'll be back with another new pattern soon!

Until then, Happy Stitching!



Cute kittie! Sorry about the pattern problems.

He’s fantastic! I hope you get the shop sorted soon and Etsy pulls its socks up.

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