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Hi, I'm Kelli. Welcome!

About Me cliff notes version:  

I design fun, easy to piece, beginner friendly, "moditional" (mix of modern + traditional) quilt patterns, and have recently dipped my toes into fabric design. My first fabric line with Riley Blake will be released in March 2020! My designs have been featured in magazines, and I have been honored to have been a guest on Pat Sloan's podcast not once, but twice! I love bright colors, and I love to see kids sewing. Check out my kid friendly sew alongs! 

About Me extended version:

Thanks for visiting! Welcome to my tiny slice of the internet. :)

I designed my first pattern in 2013, after being convinced by a friend to enter the Art Gallery Make it Right Challenge. (I won!) The design I entered would end up being my Mod GeoCruiser pattern. In the process I discovered a love for design and have been loving it ever since! 

I am also a cancer survivor, RN, pilot wife,(we got married in a tiny historic 1800s church with the original stained glass and benches)..

...mom to one little big boy (who is now in first third 7th grade--time is flying!) and a giant Newfie named Buster, Nov. 2009 - Feb. 2017 -- and looking forward to another Newfie someday!

...crafter, fabric addict, quilter, lover of pattern design. Colorful fabrics make me happy. :)

In a crazy way, I guess you could say I owe it all to cancer.  If I hadn't had cancer at 19, and gone through chemo and radiation, I probably wouldn't have become a critical care nurse, and if I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have been living where I was living, across the street from my future husband, we wouldn't have met, and I wouldn't have had my son. My best project of all! ha! (I probably wouldn't have had Buster, the furry beast, either. My heart dog.) 

And I would have never started a blog on a whim, and made so many quilty friends!  One of them (Lisa Lisa and the Quilt Jam!) being the one who encouraged me to enter the Make it Right Challenge. Which led to Mod GeoCruiser which led to even more fun things!

One of them being that I got to be the featured designer in the Triangles on a Roll quilt market and festival booth in Houston in 2015. Such a fun and surreal experience!

Which led to several more opportunities. 

Cancer sucks, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone ever, and I never want to go through it again, but if I hadn't gone through all that, I wouldn't where I am today, buried in fabric and fun. (Although, I still have a near phobic reaction every time I have to go to the Dr. for anything--which is NOT fun.)

I started out sewing clothes when I took sewing in high school, and grew up with a mom who sewed clothes and the occasional quilt top from scraps (on a Rocketeer!)... 

(the machine I learned to sew on)

...and a grandmother who had a quilt frame in her family room (2x4s, clamps, and thumb tacks). I had made a couple of hand quilted quilts, and a couple of baby quilts prior to having my son, but after I had him, my love for sewing and colorful fabrics really took off.  Esp. boy themed fabrics.. I still have a slight obsession with them. ;)  I don't know if it will ever go away.

That's probably more than you ever wanted to know about me.  I hope you'll still come back and visit again! ;)  I love making quilty friends. 

P.S. I hope to keep designing and making until all of the fun ideas are out of my head and into fabric! :)


Unknown said...

I knew when I saw the title of your blog, you must be a nurse. I'm a nurse also. I retired this past year so now I have time to read all the great quilting, sewing, and crafting blogs out there. I'm so glad I found yours.

Angie said...

Hello. I really enjoyed reading this blog page. I'm relatively new to sewing and quilting and just purchased your Jeepers pattern at a local quilt shop. (I got the last one they had! Yeah for me :-))Anyway, I looked up your blog upon returning and I'm so happy to have found it! Thank you for making the pattern! Have a wonderful day!!

raleysmom said...

I too am a survivor in the cancer club. Mine was in 2004 and it took three years to get under control. What you said is so true and it doesn't matter how long it has been. Every single time there is a pain somewhere you always think it might be cancer. The nervous feeling never goes away. Next week is my bi-annual blood test and I always say after the blood is drawn...good luck to me. Good luck to all of us dealing with it. I just lost my best friend of 16 years to ovarian cancer. I miss her every second of the day.

Thank you for sharing your story. After 19 years of enjoying a granddaughter and making all the girlie things she now has a 2 yr old brother. I look forward to returning to your blog for boy inspiration.


Unknown said...


I am starting a monthly subscription business and would like to feature your Stitch Happens pattern in my first box. Do you sell wholesale? I ordered 50 patterns from my distributor, but now they are out of your pattern and I need more.

Please email me if you do sell wholesale and let me know how to order from you.

Thank you
Katherine Penrod
The Stitch'n Box

Unknown said...

Dear Kelli,
Like you, I also love lots of colour. I love your little quilt called "Colour Outside the Lines" but when I click on it either via your website or directly at Etsy, my computer locks me out because it says it detects a virus. Is there anyway I can contact you direct to but a copy please?
Susan Rowe
Sydney Australia

Please help me print off the instructions for week 9/Harry's Wand of your Harry-Potter-Sew-Along tutorial. I've had no problems with the other weeks, but week 9 will only appear in PDF version. Thanks - Connie Jones randcjones@gmail.com

Marietta said...

Really excited about your “Stitch Happens” pattern. Just wish you’d labeled the fabrics differently. Some fabrics need to continue into the adjacent block, but each block’s fabrics are named simply #1, #2, etc. for just that one block. The purples and pinks in the picture are very close - I’m a color coward and trying to duplicate your charming bright colors. Did you, by any chance, create a master fabric guide where you indicate which purples are used in A, B, C, and D, and which pink continues from D to E, etc?

I have read this so many times Every time I do, I hold you up in prayer and also thank God that you are here with this story
Love to you Kelli

Any chance you're thinking about doing a Fortnight sew along? I have twin grandsons that are 8 and love the Minecraft and Pokemon but would REALLY LOVE a Fortnight design.
Nana to 7 aka Beth

Kelli I have to show off my 8 year old grandson and his four Minecraft blocks he made following your blog. He too is a survivor, he had LCH and underwent chemo between his first and second year. He told me that he is very lucky that he survived so he could be with me. What a sweet kid he is. He informed me that he is getting pretty good at his sewing.

Teri said...

Hi Kelli, I’m trying to find your 12” block for an umbrella but all I’m seeing is 8”. Do you have the 12” posted?
Thanks so much!!

Kelli you do FABULOUS things and are such an inspiration! Do you ever travel and speak to Quilt Guilds? I’m in charge oo Programs for a fairly large Guild called Mountain Top Quilters Guild in Prescott, AZ and would love to hire you!

Your Fan,

Erin Sullivan

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