Minecraft Mondays Sew Along

Hi Mining Friends!

Welcome to the Minecraft Sew Along, aka Minecraft Mondays, where we are making this quilt, one block each Monday for 20 weeks.

Jan. 18-May 30, 2016

Here on this page, you'll find the link to each week's tutorial and sashing instructions. Many thanks to Fat Quarter Shop for asking me to hand pick this exclusive Minecraft Sew Along fat quarter bundle of Bella Solids to go along with this quilt. I'm thinking it should be enough to complete all of the original 20 blocks. :) 


Click here to find the Bundle at the Fat Quarter Shop. In the event that the bundle is no longer available, I have made up a list of all of the fabrics in the photo above, for those of you who would like to know the exact fabrics in the bundle.  You can download a PDF of the list by CLICKING HERE. I encourage you to visit your LQS. :) Also you don't have to stick to solids.. I've seen blocks made using prints and even batiks and civil war prints! And they all look amazing. 

I have also had questions about how much fabric is needed for the backing. I have found a good online calculator tool that you can get to by CLICKING HERE. Just enter the finished size of your quilt top and you can get backing and even binding yardage if you click on the "calculators" tab at the top of the page. I hope this info is helpful.

For the sashing and quilt as shown below, you will need about 4 yards of black. For my quilt, I'm making the sashing 5" so that the quilt will be twin size. You'll need to cut or piece the following: (15) 5 1/2 x 12 1/2" rectangles, (6) 5 1/2 x 63 1/2" & (2) 5 1/2 x 90 1/2". The finished quilt with 20 blocks and 5" sashing will be twin size at 73 x 90".

Now, onto the blocks. If you're new here, double welcome! :) Following is a list of the week and tutorial for each block that's included in the quilt. Just click on the name of the character to be taken to that week's post and tutorial. The blocks are simple and beginner friendly, as long as you're familiar with a rotary cutter and scant quarter inch seam. If not, I wrote a blog post about it here. Each character block will be 12 1/2" square when stitched together. Finished block size once quilt top is pieced will be 12". 

*note* Several extra blocks (along with a giant Ender Dragon, and Minecraft alphabet blocks) were added at the end of the original sew along so you might want to scroll all the way down, and swap out a few for different blocks, or make a larger quilt using some of the extras. All up to you! Have fun!! :D You might also be able to get a few extras out of the FQ bundle, but may need other colors and more fabric depending on which/how many extras you do. The bundle is only intended for the original 20 blocks.

Additional Links
Minecraft PDFs Page: CLICK HERE for a list of all of the PDFs. You will be able to click and download each one from one central place.

Introductory Post Here
Intro YouTube Video Here

Week 1: Steve (Monday, January 18th)
Added in 2021: Steve YouTube video

Week 2: Creeper (Monday, January 25th)
Added in 2021: Creeper YouTube video

Week 3: Skeleton (Monday, February 1st)
Added in 2021: Skeleton YouTube video

Week 4: Alex (Monday, February 8th)
Added in 2021: Alex YouTube video

Week 5: Cow (Monday, February 15th)
Added in 2021: Cow YouTube video

Week 6: Pig (Monday, February 22nd)
Added in 2021: Pig YouTube video

Week 7: Villager (Monday, February 29th)
Added in 2021: Villager YouTube video

Week 8: Wolf (Monday, Monday, March 7th)
Added in 2021: Wolf YouTube video

Week 9: Ocelot (Monday, March 14th)
Added in 2021: Ocelot YouTube video

Week 10: Enderman (Monday, March 21st)
Added in 2021: Enderman YouTube Video

Week 11: Squid (Monday, March 28th)
Added in 2021: Squid YouTube Video

Week 12: Witch (Monday, April 4th)
Added in 2021: Witch YouTube Video

Week 13: Zombie Pigman (Monday, April 11th)

Week 14: Mooshroom (Monday, April 18th)

Week 15: Snow Golem (Monday, April 25th)

Week 16: Gold Steve (Monday, May 2nd)

Week 17: Zombie Villager (Monday, May 9th)

Week 18: Blaze (Monday, May 16th)

Week 19: Rabbit (Monday, May 23rd)

Week 20: Slime (Monday, May 30th)


Week 21: Chicken (Monday, June 6th)

         (Monday, June 13th)

         (Monday, June 20th)

         & Polar Bear
         (Monday, June 27th)


Week 25: Sword & Shulker (Monday, July 4th)

         (Monday, July 11th)

         (Monday, July 18th)

         (Monday, July 25th)

         (Monday, August 1st)

         (Monday, August 8th)

         (Monday, August 15th)

         (Monday, August 22nd)

         (Monday, August 29th)

MY QUILT BACK: Giant Ender Dragon

Tail Section: June 7, 2016

Mid Section: June 8, 2016

Head Section: June 15, 2016

*edit*Near the end of the sew along, I had a request for some letters, so I looked up a free Minecraft font, and with my son serving as quality control, I drew up these blocks.


Click on the letters next to the post date below and it will take you to the post containing the tutorials for those letters.

Each individual letter block will be 10 1/2 x 12 1/2" when stitched together.  Finished size once in quilt top will be 10 x 12".

ABC: Tuesday, May 31st

DEF: Saturday, June 4th

GHI: Tuesday, June 7th

JKL: Saturday, June 11th

MNO: Tuesday, June 14th

PQR: Thursday, June 16th

STU: Friday, June 17th

VWX: Saturday, June 18th

YZ: Sunday, June 19th

Thanks for joining in!

This is my son's finished quilt and sham. It ended up being much bigger than originally planned since he wanted to include ALL of the blocks, the big Enderdragon, AND his name. ;) Many of them spilled onto the back of the quilt. :) CLICK HERE to read about the finished quilt, and see others' quilts/blocks. 

If you're sewing along, I'd love to see and share your blocks! Please share if you'd like, by tagging me on Instagram (@kellifanninquilts) or on Twitter (@rnkelli). We've been using the hashtags #minecraftmondays and #minecraftquilt. If you are not on either of those, you could always email pics to me at RNKelli@aol.com

Happy Sewing!


margaret said...

would you consider offering another block the week you offer zombie pigman? my boys are under 6 and i don't know if they would like that block.

I was thinking of doing three additional blocks at the end Margaret to make my son a sham and cushion. The chicken, ghast and TNT.

bree said...

Hi Kelli!

Someone has asked me to make this quilt for a fundraising auction but it's on May 14! Is there any way to see the rest of the blocks sooner?
I hate to ask but it's just such a cool quilt and it would be great if I could donate it.
Thanks, Bree

Can't wait to get started, only thing is I may need to make 3....what's another wip.or 3... I'm sure it's somewhere but just wondering how much black do I need for the sashing and boarded?

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
Is it at all possible to get weeks eight and nine? My nephew picked those for wall hangings in his newly designed "tween" room. Thanks so much!! ~Helena

Unfortunately, I can only do one block tutorial a week at this time. So the timeframe is pretty well set in stone. I've updated the post with a link to the fabric bundle and also listed the sashing yardage. I hope that helps Marita! I look forward to seeing all of your blocks! :)

I'd love to get started on this but unfortunately The Fat Quarter Shop is selling those Bella Solids at $10/yard when buying this selection! Please let us know if they plan a sale or if you know of a discount coupon.
Thank you!

bree said...

The pig doesn't seem to have a link like the other previous weeks. Is it just me who can't open it?

Thanks for letting me know, Bree! I forgot to come and link it up over here. If you're looking for the latest one, you can always find it in the Archive section in the left sidebar of my home page, if I am away from my phone or computer. But please email me anytime with questions or if I forget something! I will fix it as soon as possible. :D

I just found you, and I've decided that I MUST do this for my son. His bday is in November, so I think I can catch up and join the quilt along. So excited to start! 😊

Finished block 1! (actually did one yesterday on a child's machine and wasn't happy with the results. Today's block was done on my machine and is great! Hope to "catch up" soon!
Thank you for the easy to follow instructions.

Unknown said...

Kelli - So awesome of you to do this!!! I am going to join in and make this for my son. The look on his face when I showed him the picture was priceless. It is very generous of you to share your time and talents. I also appreciate Fat Quarter Shop for selling the bundle. As a busy mom I'd much rather sew along than pick the colors. :)


CandyR said...

I think i read you estimate about 4 yards of slashing. Is that correct? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Can you join in on the Mindcraft anytime?

Amy B. said...

Oh my gosh, this is such a great quilt! My family would love it! My husband runs a server that the five of us play on together with some of our friends and their kids! It's so much fun!

Grammieto2 said...

this is so cool, i must be in the clouds because i've never heard of this until last week when my nephew was rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. when he skyped me i saw his minecraft magazine. i wanted to make him a little get well gift and this is perfect. thank you so much for taking the time and doing this. i really appreciate what you have done. thank you

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the great designs. The last two weeks aren't linked on this page. I found them no problem, but I've been sending a lot of people to this page because they liked my progress and I thought you may want to know that they are a bit trickier to find.

Annette said...

I saw some letter blocks for the back of the quilt on the Fat Quarter blog but I don't find them here. Are you posting those?

Beth said...

Hi Kelli -
Have you ever posted a photo of your completed quilt? I am curious to see one quilted.
It was a great sew along!

Unknown said...

Looks great! My son (almost 10 years) really wants a quilt like yours. His comment: you can't sow that well, can yoo? I will prove him otherwise! Thabk you for a great tutorial!

CandyR said...

Hi! Can you tell me how much fabric is needed for the back excluding the Enderdragon area. Thanks!

TSaulnier said...

I love this! Would you consider working with that shop to create another fat quarter bundle (or two) to cover the additional blocks and ender dragon? Can't wait to get started!

Unknown said...

dear kelli, can't thank you enough for your minecraft patterns, i made the quilt last year for my grandsons birthday this year, he is autistic and was over the moon, i made him a creeper pyjama bag (which was just like a zippered pillowcase) for christmas, you cat imagine the joy you have given us! thanks again

Gail said...

I am really enjoying sewing your patterns for the minecraft quilt, however, I discovered an error in your list of SKU #'s. Number 16 is listed as Charcoal (SKU #9900-284). That should be Lead (SKU #9900-283). Just wanted to let you know.

kh1956 said...

Love, love, love the Minecraft blocks. Just discovered and have ordered the fat qtr bundle. My grandson loves LUKAS. Is there anyway you could figure him out and add? Thank you for what you have done.

kh1956 said...

Love, love, love the Minecraft blocks. Just discovered and have ordered the fat qtr bundle. My grandson loves LUKAS. Is there anyway you could figure him out and add? Thank you for what you have done.

Anne Poler said...

You are an amazing designer!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to produce all these great blocks. I've had so much fun. My project grew when I heard my grandson is moving from a twin bed to a double bed. So the bonus blocks were SO appreciated! Just 2 to go. I have really loved these!!!

NANA said...


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I'm so excited to make one of this quilts. I only have one question don't know if I missed it while I was reading but how much fabric of each color do I have to buy? Thank you again!!!

Hi Kelli,
I know this is over a year ago when you did this but I was busy making my dolls last year. It was only seeing a little post on Facebook that made me lookup on pinterest to see what I could find, and I found you...
I have so far made eight blocks and I am so made up as your pics were so easy to follow..
I am making it for my grandson. when he came today he couldn't wait for his dad to go to work so we could sneak off to my craft room and see how many blocks I had done. I laid them out one by one onto my bed and when the last one went down he turned and gave me the biggest hug that melted me...Made it all so worthwhile..
Thank you so much for sharing your designs they are amazing.
Best wishes

roxi said...

My 9 yr old niece has asked me to make her a Minecraft quilt. I have no idea what it means but, I started making your blocks this morning & already have 8 done. Your instructions are perfect! Your photos 💕. Thank you! Thank you!

I cannot thank you enough for this pattern! My nephew just turned 7 and has fallen in love with Minecraft. I spend my life trying to make him think I'm cool and hip and that he should love me almost as much as his mom and dad, and you've given me the perfect tool! The only difficulty is that his parents have informed him that his next bed will be a double size, and that's the size quilt he now wants, so I'll have my calculator out! Thanks again, I really really appreciate all your work and sharing!!

Unknown said...

Hi...just love your block instuctions..so easy go follow. I was wondering how you quilted the top....did you quilt the blocks or just the sashings and borders? What pattern did you use?

Unknown said...

Hi...just love your block instuctions..so easy go follow. I was wondering how you quilted the top....did you quilt the blocks or just the sashings and borders? What pattern did you use?

Jean said...

Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this. I was making a quilt for my grandson, only managed to get 1 block made so far. You have made it easy for me to finish more blocks.

Unknown said...

Thank you SO much for sharing the instructions for your minecraft quilt. I made one for my grandson for Christmas and he LOVES it! How can I share a photo with you?

JD said...

This is fantastic! My kids love Minecraft! Thank you for sharing!

Amazing. Both my grandson and granddaughter love Minecraft. Thank you for sharing.

Kelli, thanks so much for the patterns for the Minecraft blocks. My twin grandsons (age 9) have asked for Minecraft quilts for their beds for Christmas. I don't know what they are expecting, but these quilts are going to blow their minds. I have most of the blocks made for the fronts. Now I have to buy more fabric for the Large Ender Dragon for the back. They're going to LOVE seeing him when they turn down the tops of their quilts.
Again, thank you so much for sharing your creative patterns with us!
Smiles, Sandy

Marie said...

Hi Kelli!
My son is asking me for ages to do some quilty minecraft for him.
I showed hime your choice of bloks and he was amazed. He asked for a TNT cushion. As I was printing the indications, I saw your comments about a cube cushion... Did you ever made it? if yes, how did you manage the top and bottom? That would certainely surprise him.
Thank you

Thank you for this great pattern. It was so much fun to make. I am sure that my son and grandson will love it.

I am so happy I ran across your blog. This Minecraft quilt pattern is fantastic. I started it during the holidays, and it is now quilted and ready to gift. Thank you for being so generous with your ideas, designs,and patterns.

Unknown said...

I just started this quilt for a special little boy. Is there somewhere I can see how it should be quilted. I am rushing to get it done and in the mail for April 28th birthday. How did you quilt it????

Hola Kelli. Solo agradecerte que hayas realizado este Quilt y que te hayas dado el trabajo de publicar el paso a paso para poder hacerlo.

Mi nombre es Joissa y soy de Chile.

Estoy muy entusiasmada por empezar a realizar el Quilt para mi hijo.

Te mando muchos cariños y nuevamente te doy las gracias por tu trabajo. Eres grandiosa!!!!!!

Hi Kelli. Thank you so much for sharing this phenomenal quilt tutorial. Your instructions and diagrams are wonderful. I am making the quilt for my 9 yr old granddaughter, Analia. I’ll post pix when I figure out where to do that.

cgietmann said...

Hello Kelli, thank you so much for your wonderful minecraft sewalog. I did a quilt for Jonah, the son of a very close friend. I enjoyed the making an gifted it to Jonah at his 9th birthday. We all were very happy!

I wanted to sent you some photos, please tell me how to do that!

Thanks again, Christel, Germany

Suzanne said...

Hello Kelli,
Thank you for keeping the sew along instructions up for so many years. My granddaughter will be helping to select the blocks she would like. I might even get her to sew a few seams along the way.
Suzanne from California

cuppajoe said...

Love love love this. So well described and executed. Making it for my grandson what an awesome job. Thank you thank you.

Dee said...

Love this, thank you for keeping it posted.
How much purple do I need to do the background for the giant Enders dragon?
Thank you

Vovo said...

Wow this is such a great quilt. Instructions are easy to follow and i was able to make 20 blocks in a week. Can't wait to see our grandson's reaction when he opens his birthday present in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for sharing.

Jeannette said...

Thank you so very much for sharing your patterns with us. I successfully made 2 quilts for my grandkids. Now their friends want Minecraft quilts. As well. Easy to follow directions and fun to make.

Jeannette from Canada

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