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Unknown said...

i love your quilt patterns, however i have never seen any motorbike quilts! scooter, cars, vans and push bikes but never motor bikes, i ride sports bikes, but my hubby is into old style harley's, do you think you could design one?
and your minecraft quilt is super awsome, just recieved my material pack from the fat quarter shop, cant wait to start it xx happy quilting beth

Oh, a pattern of a dirt bike would be just wonderful!

I love Off-road. The patter would be great for my grandson. I love the colors and the simplicity of the pattern. Great for small children to explore. Thank you for your block.

Betsy said...

I love color outside the lines! So modern and unique.

Wanda said...

I like your Wife of Pi pattern and all your patterns, it is hard to choose just one.Thanks for the chance to win.

Julie said...

Mod Geo Cruiser or Color outside the lines caught my eye. But all your patterns are inspirational.

Unknown said...

Kelli, your patterns are great! Keep 'em coming!

Susan said...

So cute. I liked Wife of Pi and the Ampersand. I've been contemplating music symbols. We get particular, they have to be correctly drawn and most fabric printers don't get the elements all correct. The punctuation marks are inspiring.

Congrats on your quotes block for the magazine!! I love all your punctuation blocks! How clever!! My favorite paytern is Wife of Pi! How talented you are!

Heleny25 said...

I like all your pattern, but I would say the scooter is my favorite!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your 100 Blocks cover! What an honor. My favorite patterns were the Minecraft series. Putting the binding on now for the June birthday gift giving. Looking forward to completing the additional block patterns shared for a second quilt. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with the rest of us!!

Stevie said...

My first car was a Jeep, so of course I love Jeepers. What a cute quilt it would be for me. I still have great memories of my teen years and the car that would break down if I escaped the city limits.

Joellyn P. said...

I love your new Milk Glass Stars pattern, as I'm addicted to star quilts. You Trailerville pattern though is definitely my favorite, it's just so fun. Your punctuation marks are great.

Karen said...

Since I'm sitting in our RV as I write this, my choice is Trailerville, but punctuation marks take a close second.

mary b said...

I love all your patterns, but fabric stash is my favorite

Patty said...

My favorite is the bicycle, Mod Geo Cruiser!

mumbird3 said...

Color Outside the lInes is my fav!!! mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

I like your patterns. Beep is my favorite
Your block is very nice Thanks

Oh, wow, I stopped at each pattern thinking, "this is my favorite" and then look at the next one and think "No! Wait!, It's this one!" and then the next one would come up and so forth. To make a choice is next to impossible!! I think "Tools, Baby" is it for me, but really it was a difficult decision. If you had had the punctuation mark quilt pattern available, that would have been it.

I love all the colors and the pencil quilt but for a pattern the Welcome Wreath would be my choice for I love to make Christmas quilts. I love reds and would make sure all my quilts had red. It was hard for me to see the rainbow, but todays quilts sure do have more and more of it.

Beth said...

Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel is my FAVORITE - in fact I was asked once what song should be played for a certain occasion and that is the one I picked,, we are sisters!
Your pattern Color Outside the Lines is just perfect to go with that song. I hope you pick me, cause I really want that pattern :)
Wish me luck!

Pamela said...

Scrap Eater. Love it. (I wonder if it lives up to its name? Just finished my third big scrap quilt - but the scrap box is still overflowing!)

Renea said...

I really like the pattern Janes Cross. I have never seen a pattern like this one before. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

Marsha said...

Milk Glass Stars is my favorite pattern. Love your punctuation quilt. Marsha

Sewgirl said...

Color outside the lines is my favorite, although I could see combining blocks from the jeep and camper quilts. I think that would be my next favorite!

I think I like your Color Oustside the Lines pattern the best. I also like to "quilt the rainbow." Enjoy all your punctuation mark blocks. It will be fun to have enough blocks to make a whole punctuation quilt!

Unknown said...

I like your color outside the box pattern and like to quilt the rainbow

Very nice patterns. I do like Color Outside the Lines

dbuggy1 said...

All of your patterns are beautiful, but I think my favorite would be "Jeepers". Such a fun quilt! Thanks for all your hard work!

Barb said...

I think "Awesome Blossoms" is beautiful.

Yuriko said...

I love Iz's music too.
I really like your Color Outside the Lines pattern because I have always had a hard time coloring inside the lines. Ha ha ha

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, I love your patterns! I am going to order Trailerville to make a quilt for my camper. I would love to be a winner. Thanks for sharing your designs.

Jody said...

I scrolled thru numerous times trying to decide--such a hard choice!! But I think i settled on Coloring outside the lines...I think!

One pattern...mercy, that is like saying pick one colorway to work with...haha. I love 3, that was the best I could narrow it down to. You jave some adorable patterns. My favorites are the Awesome Blossom, Jane's cross and expo! Those are my most favorite!! I jave put you in my favorites so i can keep checking in your blog posts and new patterns. Ps...i love the quotions and think it would make a fantastic scrap quilt with text background of some sort!

Deb B. said...

All of the patterns are lovely. However, I think I would most likely use the Milk Glass Stars first.

Bella said...

Your Awesome Blossoms is my hands-down favorite! Since I tend to like traditional designs, my fascination with this pattern shouldn't surprise me! bella(dot)harriger(at)yahoo(dot)com

Audrey said...

I like trailerville. It reminds me of fun family times camping!

Unknown said...

My favorite is the Expo, I would do this one in Christmas colors I think. I love your 'out of the box designs'. Keep creating!

~Kris~ said...

I love the Mod Geocruiser. Your designs are all so cute and different. I love traditional quilts, but it is fun to do something really different once in awhile. Thanks for sharing.

Debbiegsp said...

I would love to make "Trailerville", When I retired a few years ago, I bought a toy hauler trailer, and it is providing very comfortable family getaways for our 3 generations together. I love your patterns, so I will be back!

KristKT said...

I found the minecraft fabrics on sale at Fatquartershop, so here I go! I am trying to put the pattern into a printed booklet so I don't have to keep my phone on to cut, and I was wondering if you have a listing of the "extra" fabrics used in the blocks beyond the first 20? Or a suggestion like how many further fat quarters or larger yardage? Thanks!

m said...

Hi there, I have just seen the Minecraft quilt on the Fatquarter shop utube and Kimberly mentioned the pattern was free.

Can you please send me the link to the pattern as I wish to make this quilt for a young man going through some extreamly tough times medically. His outcome is not good and I know that this particular quilt will put a seldom seen smile on his face.

Looking forward to your reply,


Anonymous said...

Hello Kelli,

Here's a recent Quilting video from that we thought you'd enjoy:

You're a terrific contributor on the DIY Communities on Google+; please consider starting a Group on; we have terrific DIY category:

Thanks Kelli!

Unknown said...

I just made the "Hauling Stash" dump truck pattern into a baby quilt. I reversed the pattern so I have one truck going to the right and another going to the left. It worked out very well and made a cute quilt.
I also made a baby quilt from "Off Road". But I made it pink. It is adorable.

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