National Days Blocks

So I've been thinking for a while that it would be fun to make some blocks based on the different National Days, according to  the National Days Calendar. So the other day, when it was National Button Day, I thought I'd just go for it! So I did a button block, shown below, and planned to do a tutorial for it, but then I realized it was really similar to a pattern that was already on the market, so I decided to forego the tutorial for it. But here it is, the block that finally started it all on Nov. 16, 2019. National Button Day.

I will be including tutorials for all of the other blocks I do, though. Just for fun! I plan to make one here and there, when the mood strikes or when the National Day inspires a fun block, and hopefully eventually have enough to make a National Days scrap quilt! It will only be made from scraps and all done with traditional piecing. The blocks will all be 8". I'll link the different blocks and their tutorials here. ­čí╗ (To see a quick video compilation of the first 84 blocks, click *here*)

Nov. 26, National Cake Day
Dec. 4, National Sock Day
Dec. 6, National Microwave Oven Day
Dec. 10, National Dewey Decimal System Day

Dec. 12, National Gingerbread House Day
Dec. 15, National Cupcake Day
Dec. 19, National Hard Candy Day
Dec. 20, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Dec. 25, Christmas Day
Dec. 26, National Candy Cane Day
Jan. 1, New Year's Day
Jan. 4, National Missouri Day

Jan. 5, National Bird Day
Dec. 21, National Flashlight Day (out of order)
Jan. 8, National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
Jan. 11, National Milk Day

Jan. 13, National Rubber Ducky Day
Jan. 23, National Handwriting Day
Feb. 2, National Groundhog Day
Feb. 3, National Football Hangover Day

Feb. 7, National Periodic Table Day
Feb. 10, National Umbrella Day
Feb. 14, Valentine's Day
Feb. 22, National California Day

Feb. 23, National Dog Biscuit Day
Feb. 27, National Strawberry Day
Mar. 1, National Pig Day
Mar. 2, National Read Across America Day/Dr. Seuss's Birthday

Mar. 4, National Marching Music Day
Mar. 6, National Dress Day
Mar. 9, National Napping Day
Mar. 14, National Pi Day 

Mar. 16, National Panda Day
Mar. 17, St. Patrick's Day (video HERE)
Mar. 19, National Let's Laugh Day
Mar. 21, National Quilting Day

Mar. 23, National Puppy Day
Mar. 25, National Little Red Wagon Day
Mar. 30, National Pencil Day

October 28, National Chocolate Day-coming soon

November 1, National Brush Day-coming soon

November 15, National America Recycles Day-coming soon


kvanatta said...

uh-oh... so now I am envisioning a 'national day of' scrap quilt of my own......... what a fun concept! If I get started soon, maybe I can keep up!

Barbara W. said...

This is so much fun!! I look forward to it everyday you post. Keep up the good work!!

I have not been able to access your strawberry, Dr. Seuss or music blocks for some reason. Had no problems with any of the previous blocks though, go figure???? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Have been thoroughly enjoying your creativity! Thanks so much.

Patti said...

Please don't worry about trying to kept up! I doubt that any of us have them all done away. We will get this done sooner or later. You do are doing a great job.

Kelli, you are just so much fun! Thank you for the cute blocks! All of them! I have several to make for grandkids. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Thank you Kelli for the fun National Day of quilt blocks. Will the different block patterns be available for a while like several of your other sew along quilts? Sure hoping so, since I have enjoyed seeing what you've come up with each day, even though I chose not to sew along, but have now changed my mind, and want to sew the different blocks and use it as an eye spy quilt for my 5 year old grandson. Thanks for all the wonderful quilt patterns!! Sandy PS - My older grandson still loves his Minecraft quilt. I sewed the various blocks, and then did the dragon on the back, so he has choices on which side he wants to see on his bed. Thank you so much!

Debby said...

Please come back. I am having fun with national days but haven't seen anything since December

Roger said...

So grateful & thrilled to see your creativity once again even though you can't sew right now! Life has a way of altering best made plans. We are in the process of downsizing/move so can relate to "no sew sentiment". Hang in there & many thanks for all you do!

Lea Ann said...

National Doctors Day is March 30..they are super heros also that need recognition

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