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Pattern Correction


If you landed on this page, you are either super organized and checking for corrections before starting a project, OR you've found an error and are wondering if it's been corrected.

Either way, thank you so much for your faith in my patterns, and for your purchase! Below, I'll keep a list of corrections if needed. I try sooo hard to make all my patterns perfect! It keeps me up at night. But inevitably, the occasional typo or error may slip through *bangs head on desk*. In those cases, thank you-thank you, for notifying me!  

If you find an error, please message me at Also feel free to message me if you have any questions!

Kelli ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Haulin' Stash= If you have a copy from the first printing, the picture on page two for unit A should be flipped. The wording is correct, but the pic should look like this: 

Also, in the first printing, *banging head on desk* the sashing was omitted, even through testing! Huge thanks to Monica for catching that! I can't believe it has slipped through the cracks for this long! For sashing, cut (16) 2 x 18 1/2" strips and cut or piece (5) 2 x 78 1/2" strips. Assemble as shown here:

The next printing will include these corrections. Thanks again!




Monica said...

The instructions say that the dims are 78X80. Did you add sashing? My quilt top is 72X72

Kelli said...

Hi Monica! You are right! I am working on the correction. I have a policy that if you find a correction in one of my patterns, I refund your purchase! Please email me! Your comment didn't have an email address associated with it! Thank you for being the first to catch that! xo

Monica said...

My email is Thanks Kelli. I have the components already sewn together, so I’m going to put a 2” border on the sides and a 3” border on the top & bottom. The quilt is for a 3 year old grandson so it’s plenty big enough. I love this quilt,,, it was very easy to put together and will be done in time for his birthday. He loves construction equipment!

NA said...

As soon as I had the six blocks sewn together, I knew something was wrong😢. Dimensions were off so I read the instructions over several times to try to figure it out to no avail. I finally found this website and see corrections. I guess I will be ripping all blocks apart to add slashing - not my favorite task😒but glad I found it.

Kelli said...

Hi NA! Send me your email address! I will make it right with you. ;)

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