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Paula said...

Hi Kelli, I just bought the Haulin Stash pattern and was wondering if the cutting instructions are per truck. If I only want to do 3 trucks then I would X it by 3?? I don’t want to make a cutting mistake.
Thank you,
Paula Lindbo

Adele said...

Hi Kelli - Thank you so much for the inspiration and the patterns for Minecrraft. I've finished one top and I have 2 more that are almost finished. I'm perplexed though about the quilting. My quilt blocks are black, deep purple, red,green, white, grey -in other words quite varied. What color thread would you use?? Do I need to change the thread for each block???

GrannySyl said...

I just stumbled on your Minecraft Monday's sewalong an see that I missed it by a few years. Any chance that you have another one coming up. I had promised this quilt to my grandson and it would be fun to do a sewalong while doing it.

Unknown said...

Hi Kelli,
Your website is so informative and provides all the info needed to make the quilts you post. I am so glad that I have added your website to my Favorites so I can visit it often. I am a beginner quilter but your instructions and added pictures are so easy to follow. Great work and have a wonderful day. Looking forward to more...

Linda said...

Hello Kelli- I am having a load of fun making your pattern for Thomas the Train! Have you ever seen a single quilt made with these blocks? I am wondering about any setting ideas to make the quilt a single size.
Thank you

Barbara C said...

Hi Kelli,
I am so happy to have found the Minecraft Quilt for my grandson. This will be my first quilt. Yikes! I have the kit from the Fat Quarter Shop, and have a lot of garment sewing experience. I have cut with a rotary cutter and mat before. Do I prewash the fabrics or not? If so do I starch them afterward?
Also the sewing shop near me says I need to add some small print colors to the quilt blocks but does that take away from the Minecraft characters look? Please help as my first quilt I want to feel successful!
Thank you,
Barbara Carlson

Unknown said...

I discovered the Minecraft sew-along well after the original posting but it was worth the wait. I started going through the characters and then saw the ender dragon and all plans went out the window. I decided to make him the center of the quilt and fill in around him for my grandsons birthday. I have a photo but not sure how to load it. Thanks for your hard work. I’ve shared your site with several other quilters.

Unknown said...

Kelli, I ran across the Minecraft blocks and decdied to make a quilt for my grandson. Thank you for your patterns! They were just perfect and very well written for novices like me. I've made 20 blocks and can't wait to finish them into a quilt for my 7 year old grandson.
Thanks again,

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